Matchbox 1/76 Humber mk.II

Greetings Fellow Modellers! I recently finished a fabulous little classic kit - a 1/76 Humber Scout Car mk.II. Dating from 1973, this is one of the range of decent armour kits produced by Matchbox in the 70's and 80's. I'm not much of an armour builder, but the uamf have been holding a group build… Continue reading Matchbox 1/76 Humber mk.II

Building a Scale Model Aircraft – Part 1: Choosing a kit.

Welcome to the first part of my ‘Building a Scale Model Aircraft’ series, where I’m going to try and help you, the novice builder, through your first steps into the hobby of scale modelling – so wish us both luck! It sounds stupid to say, but one of the first things you’ll need if you… Continue reading Building a Scale Model Aircraft – Part 1: Choosing a kit.

‘Keep Calm and Build a Model’

Greetings Fellow Modellers! During this highly unusual time of 'Staying at Home' and 'Keeping Safe', what better way could there be to pass the time* than digging that long forgotten Airfix kit out of the attic**, getting a tube of glue, some brushes and paint, rolling out newspaper on the kitchen table, turning the clock… Continue reading ‘Keep Calm and Build a Model’